Mark Peter Wright (born 1979, UK) is a London based sound artist, active in the field of phonography and soundscape composition. His work addresses complex auditory issues relating to the phenomenology of space, historical site specifics, environmental listening and the philosophy of hearing itself.

Wrights practice investigates ideas pertaining to landscape, architecture and the holistic experience of natural, often inaudible elements. His recordings and compositions attempt to incite a deep shift in perception and listening consciousness.

Wright has produced works across a variety of outputs including galleries, labels, radio, theatre, film, and public spaces. In 2009 he was awarded the British Composer of the Year in Sonic Arts for his work A Quiet Reverie. Wright is also the founder of Ear Room, an online publication exploring the creative use of sound in artistic practice.

Releases on 3LEAVES:
Inanimate Life (2010)