David Vélez (born 1973, Colombia) is a sound artist, label curator and journalist. His work explores the role of the sound artist as a medium between his sensible experience with sound and the listener's experience with the sound piece. His method is based on the use of field recordings.

He has published his sound works on labels around the world such as Mystery Sea, Taâlem and Con-V to mention a few. David has performed in festivals and events like Share, Photophono, Rake and Fine Diving in NYC, and Internacional Ruidística and Intermedios in Bogotá.

On 2009 he co funded the label Impulsive Habitat focused on the publication of work that use field recordings in their compositional processes.

On 2011 he funded the journal The Field Reporter where sound artists and label curators write reviews about works using phonographic material as source.

On 2011 he co funded la Sociedad Sonora with well known Colombian composer Roberto García and other artists. Sociedad Sonora is a collective who studies the problem of the noise pollution in the big cities and its impact on the life of its habitants. Sociedad Sonora looks to create conscience and deliver solutions to to the sound contamination issue through projects of sound art addressed under an audio urban ecology approach.

David has collaborated and performed with artists such as Simon Whetham (UK), Richard Garet (USA),
Gilles Aubry (Germany), Christopher McFall (USA), Roberto García (Colombia), Andy Graydon (USA), Sascha Neudek (Austria), Ben Owen (USA), Juan José Calarco (Argentina), James McDougall (Australia), Darren McClure (Japan), Ricardo Arias (Colombia) and Manrico Montero (Mexico) to mention a few.

Releases on 3LEAVES:
El Pájaro Que Escucha (2012)