Scott Sherk (born 1952, USA) is a sculptor who often works with sound. His work has been widely shown, including exhibitions at the Katonah Museum of Art, the Allentown Museum of Art, and the Kim Foster Gallery in New York. He has released a collection of field recordings icelandic air on Wandering Ear, 23 Fountains of Beverly Hills on Stasisfield, and is included on Framework 250 compilation.  23 Fountains of Beverly Hills was exhibited as a sound installation at Audio Visual Arts in New York, NY.  Most recently he curated the sound art exhibition Sound in Space at the Frank Martin Art Gallery.

Several years ago he began making field recordings of walks that he took through New York City, Los Angeles, and rural Pennsylvania.  These walks became the basis for sculptures that described the actual pathway of the walk and were accompanied by field recordings and maps.  Together, the visual work with the sound recordings, created a three dimensional space of textures, coordinates, and location.

Recently he has become interested in the ambiences of spaces.  He has created small portable spaces that contain their own, unique audio environment; and he has created sculptural objects that collect and amplify a space’s ambient sounds.

Sherk has collaborated on several large-scale installations including collaborations with painter Pat Badt.  These works have ranged from site-specific interior alterations of gallery spaces to built color environments using available landscapes.

A Professor of Art at Muhlenberg College, Scott Sherk has won several awards and grants including the Class of ’32 Chair and the Hoffman Research Fellowship.  He teaches sculpture, drawing, and sound art.  Along with Pat Badt he curates  He resides in rural Pennsylvania, USA.

Releases on 3LEAVES:
Alentejo (2017)    
New York Glyptic (2012)     
Transparency Project (2010)