Frédéric Nogray (born 1971, France) is a self-taught musician, composer and sound artist since 1999. He pays a particular attention on sounds in their intrinsic qualities and for what they are: vibratory phenomenon. But also for their broadcasting into the listening space, our perceptions on it, and the various states of consciousness induced by the listening.

Years after years, he used several electronic and electro-acoustic devices during concerts, for recordings, sound installations and during collaborations with other artists. In the continuity of these researches, since 2005 he plays a more instrumental music using crystal singing bowls. The music composed with this crystal bowls is acoustic but the purpose and the listening remain the same than his music composed with electronic sounds.

And the listening is still the same with his use of field recordings (mostly from nature). There is no boundary between these different ways of producing and /or collecting sounds. Frédéric Nogray is looking for the intra-psychedelic dimension of each sound he uses and for his own way to reveal it to listeners.

He is also the member of The Imaginary Soundscapes since 2010.

Buiti Binafin (déambulation à la lisière du monde) is his first release composed from field recordings.

Releases on 3LEAVES:
Buiti Binafin (déambulation à la lisière du monde) (2012)