John Kannenberg (born 1969, USA) creates quietly reflective work in image, sound and performance that blurs the boundaries between intention and accident. His works investigate the psychogeography of museums and archives, the psychology of collection, the processes of making and observing art, and the human experience of time. 

As a curator, John has completed multiple projects for a variety of institutions including the ZKM Medienmuseum in Karlsruhe, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology in Ann Arbor, and the Herskovits Library of African Studies in Chicago. He is also the creator, designer and curator of Stasisfield, a digital sound art space presenting works by an extensive roster of artists from around the globe. His writings concerning the philosophical connections between sound, time, memory, collection, and museums can be found at Phonomnesis

Releases on 3LEAVES:
A Sound Map of the Art Institute of Chicago (2014)
A Sound Map of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo (2011)