Pierre Gerard (born 1966, Belgium) is a minimalist and versatile artist. He developed with the years a technique of work based on the observation and the experimentation (idea developed by a scientific Goethe, see for example theory of colors), the whole guided by something that we could call the intuition.

He would like to define himself as a researcher, rather than as an artist or a musician. This technique of research, he uses it in the same way as well in these electroacoustic compositions that when he takes a photography... or when he improvises with an object or an instrument, an installation in a space looks like strangely an improvisation.

At first everything seemed to scatter in too numerous techniques, but little by little the whole converge towards one and a single research. The body with these movements. The consciousness of the movement during its realization. A new step begins with "ENVIRONMENT & gesture".

His works published by the labels such as trente oiseaux (DE), Dragon's Eye Recording (USA), Koyuki (IT), White_Line (UK), Winds Measure Recordings (USA).

Collaboration(s) with Shinkei, Sylvain Chauveau, Andy Graydon. Currently he collaborate with Luigi Turra.
Improvisations with (for the most known) Jim Denley in trio with Olivier Pé or more recently duo with Sylvain Chauveau.

Releases on 3LEAVES:
ENVIRONMENT & gesture (2011)