David Evans (born 1972, Australia) produces sound works that explore perception and the space around the real and imaginary. He blurs the boundaries between field recordings, instruments and everyday objects, and is interested in the polymorphous properties of sound as well as repurposing redundant machinery and obsolete technologies. Evans has explored these interests through field recordings of museum equipment, composition for manual typewriters and development of works using domestic and industrial machinery.

Evans was co-founder and drummer of acclaimed Australian instrumental band This is Your Captain Speaking. His first solo release, Internal Temporal Order (Sensory Projects, Melbourne, 2011), was composed and performed primarily on a standard acoustic drum kit and made during twenty-four hours of continuous work as part of The 24 Hour Drawing Project. His second release, Domestic Cinema (Wood & Wire, Sydney, 2013), was composed from field recordings of archaic equipment at the Telstra Telecommunications Museum in Melbourne and also incorporated household and everyday sounds, typewriters and drum kit.

His third album, Transitions (3LEAVES, Hungary, 2015) sees Evans producing sound works made from field recordings without supplementation by orthodox instrumentation. The album is made from what Evans calls ‘urban field recordings’, being fragments of sound from everyday life, and is intended to be a journey through a technological forest of material and imagined sounds.

Releases on 3LEAVES:
Transitions (2015)