Kate Carr (born 1977, Australia) constructs work which aims to explore our complex and contradictory relationship with the natural world. Her music blurs the boundaries between instruments and field recordings, underlining the intersections and overlaps between nature and culture and the myriad of incomplete ways we attempt to make sense of these terms. It explores place and non-place, being and imagining.

Her album on 3LEAVES is based on an artist residency in Doi Saket in northern Thailand, from which she also produced a rather idiosyncratic sound map which can be found online at www.boxc.net/KC/lostinds.html

In 2011 Carr founded the ambient music label Flaming Pines which has released much of her own work as well as numerous other experimental ambient artists. Her work has also been released on the UK label Vent and the US-based tape label Twin Springs Tapes, as well as numerous other compilations. Additionally she was recently represented in the sound art show Noise in Whispers in London’s GV Arts gallery as well as the Fermata exhibition at the Artisphere Gallery in Arlington, Virgina.

Carr has recently relocated to Belfast from Sydney, Australia, for more information on her and her work go to www.gleamingsilverribbon.com.

Releases on 3LEAVES:
Overheard In Doi Saket (2014)