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"The sounds of These Walls Resemble Absence were recorded by Rui Almeida in an abandoned factory (located in northern Portugal), a complex of pavilions that are now in a deep state of degradation. In a recording process based on intuition and instinct, firstly, we can imagine objects being handled, picked and dragged but, at some point, the atmosphere feels strangely natural, as if wind and randomness, a sort of harmony in chaos is playing, or rising from latency. Objects do seem to have a voice, while being stimulated, forming a multitude of sound syllables such, that while the process endures, we can think of a redefinition of these objects and space, in a very particular interpretation, much different than what a factory imagery could suggest. A body of sound that feels large, spacious, minimalistic but complex, where you can breathe and still become aware of the tiniest detail and texture. We can wonder about what is and what is not incidental or just let ourselves be immersed in this new/old space."

— Nuno Miranda Ribeiro

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