Camilla Hannan - Strangelands

Camilla Hannan - Strangelands

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"Camilla Hannan's Strangelands has been created from her exploration of four very specific locations, and the audio recordings she captured in-situ. As we all know Eric's house is in far North Coburg and Strangelands is of course a suburb of Brisbane. Each of these locations are islands only accessible by ferry, and as evidenced by the resulting compositions presented here, they are all surrounded by large industrial complexes.

The only problem with any of this is that these four locations do not actually exist. So, does this album act as a form of crypto-sonic documentation? Or perhaps I should more simply describe it as playful act of audio falsification? How should I know and what does it really matter anyway? While listening to this album, if I close my eyes I find myself in one place, and when I open them again I am somewhere else. Sonic objects appear and disappear, flitting in and out of my peripheral audition. Small exquisite details of factory noise blend with the distant sound of murky nocturnal suburban habitation and the scurryings of the mutant creature created by this co-mingling. My sense of perspective is all muddled and I can longer tell if something is up way too close or forever lost in the distance. How the hell did I get onto this boat? Why is the Metro flooded? And how did all those seagulls and insects get in here?

I won't claim to know what this work is trying to tell me, but it is indeed speaking to me. However it has definitely revealed one thing. No matter where you search or how hard you look, Strangelands will still be located inside your ears."

— Eamon Sprod

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