Jay-Dea Lopez - The Great Silence

Jay-Dea Lopez - The Great Silence

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"In The Great Silence, Australian sound artist, Jay-Dea López, has created an Australian soundscape anchored in the present but very much of the past. It’s the type of composition at which López excels.

This forty-minute piece is a mix of Australian nocturnal natural sounds layered with modified field recordings. By recording only native nocturnal species in local forests late at night López has carefully avoided any man-made influence, introduced species or modern day noise pollution, and created what seems like a timeless soundscape. It could well be the same soundscape that existed long before Australia was colonised.

Sound does not exist in a vacuum, actually or metaphorically and that is especially true when imagining the lost sounds of the past. Jay-Dea López is not only in tune with the lost sounds of Australia but also with the cultural echoes associated with those sounds, sounds so unfamiliar to the first colonisers that they assigned them to the margins. 'The Great Silence’ was a term formulated to describe the way in which these early colonisers heard the Australian soundscape but when ‘silence’ was equated with ‘empty’ it became a justification to expand into aboriginal land and the whole cultural landscape changed.

In ‘The Great Silence’ Jay-Dea López captures both the timeless natural sounds of Australia and their resounding cultural echoes in a characteristically sensitive and engaging way."

— Des Coulam

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